What to Know about Home Solar Power Systems

Many people have decided to become more energy independent and want to avoid a very predictable energy crisis. They want to get a home solar power system. Creating a solar-powered house requires an initial investment, but the costs have been decreasing over time. A home Energy Smart PTY Ltd solar power system provides long-term benefits, not just for the owner of the house but also for the environment.

Now that home solar power systems are more efficient, you can reduce or even eliminate your electricity bill, increase your home’s value and contribute to a cleaner environment – all at once.

This is the ideal time to join the transition to renewable energy sources and the also the time to take advantage of the generosity of government’s and local utilities’ providing monetary incentives that can cut thousands of dollars on price. Now that solar energy is becoming increasingly user-friendly, the manufacturers of home solar power systems have realized the potential for a solar age and are creating new options for those considering a lifestyle fueled by a home solar power system. If you’re ready to enter this solar age, you are probably wondering how and where to start. Below are some answers.

Passive Solar Hot Water Systems For Your Home

Passive solar water heaters are very simple and require little investment money for materials and skills. In mild climates such as Southern California or Florida, passive solar heating of water may be all your family needs to meet their needs for hot water. In colder areas, passive solar water heaters can be used as heating systems to reduce the amount of traditional fuels to generate hot water required by your household.

Passive solar water heaters are simple because there are is little to no electric power involved. The concept behind the passive solar water system is as easy as it sounds. On a hot summer day, if you collect a pitcher of cold tap water, let’s say 60 degrees or more, and allow the pitcher to sit in the sun for a few hours, you have hot water. If you put water in a black pitcher, the process would happen even faster. This is the concept behind passive solar heating of water!

If you plan to build passive solar water heating system as a preheating system to save money on energy you will be able to reduce your utility bill every month each year! However, even in sunny…
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